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Welcome Speaker!

The information in this section is identical to your presenter invitation e-mail

You are a presenter at our upcoming CyberLand 2020 online conference. Thanks for taking part!

You’ll also receive an presenter invitation via e-mail with a link that let’s you enter your Webinar room. This link will allow you to come into the Webinar room 1 hour before your session. Your host will be in this room 10 - 15 minutes before your session starts. They will check the equipment again and explain the features of the Webinar online platform to you.

If you want to get to know the online conferencing software in more detail, Markus Harrer (one of the hosts) can show it to you on Monday, March 16th. Please choose a time slot here:

Please check also the system requirements:

  • Browser: Chrome or Firefox (Up to date)
  • Internet: Consistent, high-speed, 10Mbps+
  • Firewalls: None that block webinars
  • Video Apps: None open (e.g., Skype)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I setup the online conferencing software?
A: There is no special setup or installation needed. You can share your screen, upload slides, show your webcam picture and much more.

Q: How do I enter the Webinar room?
A: Markus wanted to play around with his screencast software, so he produced a short video:

Q: How long is my talk?
A: It should be 40 - 45 minutes (incl. some important questions from the audience answered). We’ll stop the recording after you’ve finished your presentation. After this, you have plenty of time to interact with the audience. A host will gather questions from the chat into a separate Q&A / “Fragen” section for you, the audience can upvote those questions and you can answer them if you want to. The Webinar room closes after 90 minutes.

Q: How can I interact with the audience?
A: There is a chat, an Q&A as well as a poll. The host of you session will go through theses features with you before your session starts. You can also prepare polls that the hosts will hack into the conferencing tool.

Q: Do I need to read the chat box continually?
A: No, the host will do that and put questions in the chat into the Q&A section.

Q: Should I answer questions in the middle or at the end of the talk?
A: As you wish. Your host will put questions from the audience continually to Q&A where you can have a look when you like.

Q: How can I interact with the audience after the talk and the discussion?
A: Yes, we use Slack for this.

Q: Do you publish my recording on YouTube?
A: Yes, we’ll publish the recording IF you allow us to. The channel will be either the CyberJUG channel or the iJUG channel (yet to be defined)

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